Playing to Win the Super Bowl of Life

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Your company requires you to attend weekly training meetings and then participate in practice sessions. Are you going to sit on the bench or are you playing to win the Super Bowl of Life?

The quarterback of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, has won five Super Bowls, more Super Bowl victories than any other quarterback in the history of the National Football League.

That statistic is even more remarkable when you consider that Tom Brady will turn 40 years old on August 3, 2017.  After five Super Bowl victories, Tom Brady will be back this fall to try and win a sixth Super Bowl ring

How does Brady maintain his superiority as the NFL’s top quarterback at 39, an age when most other football players have retired or whose best years are long behind them? For Tom Brady, it begins and ends with a disciplined program of exercise, training and practice.

Brady is arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game. But Brady practices every day. There is no “off-season” for Tom Brady. He has a quarterback coach. They run the same play over and over and over.

They video tape Brady running the plays and then spend hours watching those videos and taking notes. They develop a new training program then head back out to the field to practice the new plays over and over again.

In addition to his hours of practice, Brady also exercises three times a day to develop his strength and flexibility.

Training and practice is not something you do for your company. It’s not something you do because your boss tells you to. Training and practice is something you do for yourself. Training and practice is something you do for the rest of the people on your team.

Training and practice is a decision you make because you know you can’t learn less.

Talk to you soon.

Spike SanteePlaying to Win the Super Bowl of Life

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