The Number of Radio Station Is Increasing

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If “nobody listens to Radio anymore”, why then are companies spending money to build and operate more Radio stations?

The number of Radio stations on the dial increased again in third quarter of 2013 over the previous year.

2012 2013
AM Radio Stations: 4,745 4,728
FM Radio Stations: 6,580 6,613
FM Educational Stations: 3,803 3,980
Total Stations: 15,128 15,330

12/31/13 – Follow up

A number of people asked if the numbers above inclued low power FM stations and the answer is no. Here are the numbers for LPFM stations.

2012 2013
Low Power FM Stations: 822 788

This additional information should debunk the notion that the only grown in Radio stations on the air is coming from low power FM stations.

Talk to you soon.

Spike SanteeThe Number of Radio Station Is Increasing

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