Twelve Easy Ways to Support Local Business

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“We are here for you during this pandemic,” is a common phrase used in many advertisements. What does that mean? In most cases, it means they are open for business but practicing safety measures and social distancing. If you are in B2B sales, instead of just paying lip service to “being there for your customers,” here are twelve easy things you can do to help your customers right now.

Spike SanteeTwelve Easy Ways to Support Local Business
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The Customer Needs Reassessment

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Dan was considered a successful salesperson. He had an extensive list of customers and significant annual billing. Dan’s clients liked him because he always got them a “deal” with his company. Like most salespeople, Dan saw a dramatic drop in his business when COVID-19 hit. March was rough, April was terrible, and May looks awful. Recently, Dan learned that his biggest customer was now buying from Dan’s competitor. When he called to find out why the customer said they were making new plans and felt like the other vendor was more focused on their unique needs.

Spike SanteeThe Customer Needs Reassessment
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