The Abundance Mentality


Are you adrift, heading in no particular direction? Are you letting the wind blow you in whatever direction it may take? Reset your compass and point your life in the direction of your successful destiny. Don’t play the victim any longer. You were built to be the victor.

In the South Atlantic Ocean there is an area known as the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone. That is where the trade winds from both the northern and southern hemisphere converge near the equator. In the days of the great sailing ships sailors, called this area the doldrums because a ship could stall in the waters for weeks due to the lack of winds. The temperatures and humidity would climb so high that without winds to power the sails, a boat and her crew were in danger of running out of fresh water to drink.

One time there was a sailing ship adrift in the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone. There had been no wind for days. The crew was quickly running out of water and the sailors were slowly dying of thirst. Day after day the lookout scanned the horizon for any sign of life. When one day, off in the distance, another sailing ship drifted into view. The struggling sailors signaled the other ship begging; “Please can you share some water with us, can you give us some water our sailors are dying?”

The other boat sent back a message across the water and said, “Let down your buckets where you are”. The dying sailors pleaded, “No, you don’t understand, we need water to drink”. The other boat sent back the message again, “Let down your buckets where you are!”

After the third message to let their buckets down where they were, the thirsty sailors reluctantly let down their buckets. And to their surprise they pulled up bucket after bucket of clean fresh water they could drink.

The Inter-tropical Convergence Zone lies just off the east coast of South America hundreds of miles east from the mouth of the Amazon River, far from the sight of land.

The Amazon River is the greatest River in the World. More water flows through the Amazon River than the Mississippi, the Nile and the Andes Rivers all put together. As that freshwater flows from the mouth of the Amazon River into the ocean, it flows with such force that there is a current felt as far out as 200 miles from shore, all the way out in the South Atlantic Ocean.

The stranded sailors were too far off shore to see the land from their ship. They did not know it but they had drifted into the flow of fresh water from the Amazon River. The sailors were sailing in a sea of fresh water and dying of thirst.

We often suffer from a feeling of scarcity in times of trouble when the answer to our prayers is all around us. Start your journey to prosperity from where you stand now by using the resources within your reach.

Don’t be the victim in your current circumstances. There are specific things you can do right now today that will make your personal life, family life and business life better. The decision is yours and decisions have consequences. Deciding to do nothing is a decision with its own consequences.

Don’t let others define who you are and what you can do for your clients. Just because you don’t have the highest ratings or the lowest prices isn’t a reason to die of thirst. You are sailing in a sea of fresh water if you will only look around you with an attitude of abundance, not a mentality of scarcity.

Stop wasting your time on Social Notworking and start investing your time in self-improvement by reading a new book, taking an online course or attending a seminar or workshop. Quit complaining that your company won’t get you a tablet, go get your own tablet. You are not designed to be a victim. You have the tools to become a victor if you will only use them.

Remember, it is never too late to become the person you deserve to be.

Spike SanteeThe Abundance Mentality

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  • J.R. Greeley - February 22, 2017 reply

    Love it Spike

    Spike Santee - February 23, 2017 reply

    Thanks J.R.

  • Curt Krafft - February 28, 2017 reply

    Thank you. Excellent advice.

    Spike Santee - February 28, 2017 reply

    Thanks Curt.

  • Joy Haverfield - March 1, 2017 reply


    That was an especially good read! You have a gift!

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