The Signal

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The ship was lost in a terrible storm when it hit the reef. Only one man survived the shipwreck. He found himself alone on a deserted island without food or shelter. He was scared and he prayed to God to be rescued. But day after day, no one came.

The man became resigned that he would be on the deserted island for a long time so he struggled to build a small shack to get out of the wind and rain. He did his best to make his shack into a little home for comfort.

The man was hungry. It was a daily struggle to find food. One day as he returned to his shack he was horrified to find the shack engulfed in flames with billowing smoke rising high into the sky.

He rushed to the shack and tried desperately to save what he could but all was lost.

The man was devastated. He fell to the ground sobbing uncontrollably. As the sun set the weather turned cold and it began to rain. As the man laid there cold and wet he cried out in anger “God, why are you doing this to me?”

The next day the man awoke to find a large ship just off shore. A small boat was quickly approaching the shore. The people on the boat shouted, “We saw your signal fire. We’re here to rescue you!”

The man eagerly jumped aboard and was soon reunited with his family and friends.

The challenges we face in our daily lives can easily frustrate us if we let them. Most successful people have been tested, some many times over. You can never give up, even during the worst of times. You can either choose to be a victim or you can choose to be a victor.

Even when your house is on fire and burning to the ground, it may be the smoke signal that summons the Grace of God.

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