Spike Santee Publishes Professional Radio Advertising Sales Textbook

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Veteran Radio advertising sales executive and Radio sales educator, Spike Santee, has published a new Radio sales education textbook, Professional Radio Advertising Sales. Described as the Complete Course for a Professional Career in Radio Advertising Sales, Santee’s new textbook will guide the new Radio advertising salesperson from their first day on the job to their first annual sales contract in approximately 90 days.

The textbook is an all-inclusive guide that details every step in the professional selling process for Radio advertising. The book includes detailed descriptions on goal setting, prospecting, interviewing, appointment setting, qualifying, presenting, closing and customer service.  Professional Radio Advertising Sales is also designed for the experienced Radio salesperson who is struggling or just wants to boost their performance.

Using his unique skill-stacking formula, Santee teaches how to master each skill in the professional sales process in the proper sequence.

Special attention is devoted to the science of successful Radio advertising with an emphasis on the psychology of consumer behavior, the mathematics of scheduling, and the brain science involved in writing emotionally engaging commercials.

“Professional Radio Advertising Sales is a must-have resource for anyone seeking to make more money more quickly in Radio advertising sales,” Santee says.

The textbook, Professional Radio Advertising Sales is part of Santee’s online sales education academy at https://campus.spikesantee.com. Instead of short training videos, Santee’s online learning management platform uses a Competency-Based Education framework designed to ensure students become proficient based on their ability to master a skill before moving to the next level.

The Professional Radio Sales Course offers a professional curriculum of 19 different modules, scheduled over 13 weeks. Each module begins with a live lecture accompanied by an online quiz and specific in-field application to demonstrate competency. Santee also works with each student individually throughout the course.

Santee’s new textbook, Professional Radio Advertising Sales is available online in hardcover or paperback at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.  You can order an autographed copy of the textbook from Santee’s website at www.spikesantee.com.

For more information:

Spike Santee, President
Spike Santee Dot Com, LLC
1438 E 600th Rd
Lawrence, KS 66049
(785) 230-5350

Spike SanteeSpike Santee Publishes Professional Radio Advertising Sales Textbook

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