I’ve worked in sales for two Fortune 500 companies. The education Spike provides is far better than anything I’ve experienced before. The learning is personalized to fit my learning style. The live lecture series, personal one-on-one meetings, and the website makes Spike’s curriculum very interactive.

Spike SanteeKylie
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Spike helped me develop my leadership skills and prepared me for a promotion, more responsibilities, and a larger paycheck!

Spike SanteeTerry
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I’ve been in sales for most of my life. I’m not new to advertising but I am new to Radio advertising sales. I really enjoy Spike’s personalized training style. He helps me learn what I need to know and he’s always there when I have a question.

Spike SanteeChenda
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I met Spike early in my Radio career when I was struggling to get started. I was even thinking about quitting. But with Spike’s help, I was able to get established and Radio advertising sales has been very good to me.

Spike SanteePaul
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I’ve been working with Spike for a very long time. Whenever I get stuck and need help with an idea or a new project, Spike is there with just the right idea.

Spike SanteeKevin
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