Presenting Your Professional Qualifications

Differentiation is one of the fundamentals to marketing success. The ability to describe the customer benefits you provide will set you apart from the rest of the vendors within your product category and will help you build a profitable customer list.

People do business with people that they like sooner than they do business with people they don’t like. Prospects tend to like people who bring them ‘something’ they can use. Establishing your credentials as a qualified vendor is the first step in getting your foot in the door.

When you meet with the prospect, you are applying for the job of being their preferred vendor. Make the effort to earn the position.

This webinar / workshop will show you how to present yourself and your qualifications to the prospect in manner that will quickly help you gain acceptance in the eyes of your new prospect.

You can read the story behind this webinar / workshop by reading this blog post here.

Spike SanteePresenting Your Professional Qualifications