The 10-Day Letter


You have a prospect you want to see. They represent a good opportunity because they are doing business with your competitors but not with you. Surely you could persuade them to do some business with you if only you could get an appointment to see them. This eBook is written for a Radio salesperson but it can easily be adapted to almost any selling profession. The 10-Day Letter is a how-to guide of 10 separate but compelling letter templates to help you get that appointment with the hard-to-reach but very valuable prospect.



You need some way to break through the perception that you offer no value to the prospect and illustrate to that prospect that it would be in fact, worth their while to meet with you, even if for a moment or two. You need a way to articulate just how professional and well trained you are and that your company does provide exactly the kind of value the prospect is looking for.

Why not give the Ten Day Letter Campaign a try? This is an effective way to demonstrate why you and your company should be the prospects primary vendor.

The Ten Day Letter is a series of ten letters, one each from you and nine other people within your organization. The letters are sent to the prospect, one after another over ten consecutive business days. Each letter is a personal letter from you and your colleagues describing what each one of you do in your organization and the role each person plays in providing value for the prospect.


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