Four Formal Ways of Communicating

According to studies conducted by McKinsey Global Institute, International Data Corporation, and the Journal of Communication, the average business manager spends approximately 80% of their work time communicating. If that seems like a lot, think about all of the phone calls, group meetings, emails, phone calls and one-on-one conversations you’re involved with. These totals don’t include interruptions and impromptu conversations with coworkers and customers.

Those are just the estimates for the time necessary for the initial communication. It doesn’t account for the time necessary to clarify a message or to overcome a misunderstanding.

The Four Formal Methods of Communication course is designed to teach you and your team a solid system of communicating business information, strategy, schedules, activities and progress while at the same time respecting each other’s time.

Course participants will receive a workbook and a communication template for all members of your team.

Spike SanteeThe Four Formal Methods of Communication