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All of our workshops are designed to make a nice webinar with helpful ideas you can start using right away. But the workshop is much more hands on and interactive. This helps the participants develop their specific skills as they pertain to the workshop content. Some of our content, The Six Step Sales Process and The Four Keys to Advertising Success are actually online, interactive, teacher lead courses that span several weeks. Regardless, just let us know which topics interest you and we can custom design a program for your next event.

Sales Training Like a NAVY Seal

How did the Navy increase the pass rate of Navy SEAL candidates by 30% without compromising their standards? You’ll be surprised when you learn it has nothing to do with physical strength but actually depends on developing many of the same skills used in sales every day. This presentation makes an excellent keynote speech to motivate your group to a higher performance level. We also present this material in a three hour workshop breaking down the material into practical activities you can implement immediately.

Professional Radio Advertising Sales

Successful sellers know that a professional sales career isn’t based on chance, it’s based on a process of effective steps that lead you and your prospect through the sales process to a profitable business relationship. The Profession of Radio Advertising Sales course will help you develop your own personal sales pitch, close more sales and make more money. This is an online, 12 week, interactive training course where each participant learns how to effectively perform in each of the steps necessary to become a professional at Radio advertising sales. At the end of this course, each participant will have created a system and a “sales talk” customized just for them based on their selling own selling organization. The webinar version introduces the participant to the different steps in the course and why they are important. The twelve week online course is teacher lead and interactive, helping each participant successfully master the profession of Radio advertising sales.

The Four Keys to Advertising Success®

This is our foundational program. This trademarked sales system builds long term local direct business based on tangible results. The Four Keys will teach you how to help discouraged local business owners who have struggled with their advertising efforts in the past. This is an eight week online course that teach each participant how to describe to their prospects, what works and what doesn’t. The course is interactive with an experiences sales trainer and other class members. Participants will learn how to answer almost any objection they will ever hear in advertising sales. The Four Keys to Advertising Success® has it’s own website. Click the button below to learn more.

The ABCs of a Qualified Presentation

Tired of making great presentations only to learn your prospect isn’t the decision maker, doesn’t have the budget or isn’t in the market right now? This module as a one-hour webinar will introduce your team to the skills necessary to identify a truly qualified prospect and increase your closing ratio. In a three-hour workshop, this module will provide your team with common sense skills they can begin using immediately.

The Four Keys to Closing More Sales

The action of closing the sale gets all of the attention in sales training. But there are four key activities you need to accomplish before every asking for the sale. This course will teach you what the Four Keys to Closing More Sales are and how to accomplish each one. The brain science behind decision making stands in your way without these four key elements. Learn them and start closing more sales.

The Four Keys to Setting Goals You Can Achieve

There are many courses on how to set goals so why do so many people fail to accomplish their goals? In this course you will learn about the Four Keys to Setting Goals you can achieve by getting your family life, personal life and business life in synchronization. Just like your car runs better when the wheels are aligned and balanced, this course will demonstrate four ways to get your personal life, family life and business life in balance.

The Four Formal Methods of Communication

Effective time management skills are at the heart of any high performance sales organization. How do you sort through all of through all of your competing priorities takes a plan and everyone on the team needs to be on the same plan. It takes communications. In this workshop you will learn a system of communication between team members that builds more effective channels of communication, fosters accountability and respects your time so everyone in your organization can get more done. You will learn how to identify and avoid common time wasters and productivity suckers that can hamper and possibly destroy an organization.

The Private Meeting Folder System

The private one-on-one meeting should be the most productive interaction between managers and employees but somehow end up less satisfying that they should be. Here is a system that fosters an effective use of the time so both parties leave the meeting more satisfied that something actually got accomplished.

The Concentrated Sales Effort

High performance sales organizations understand the need to execute their sales agenda on a schedule in order to control their own sales destiny. The Concentrated Sales Effort is a proven system that can help your sales team achieve ten to twenty percent better in the same amount of time. Imagine what your world would be like if you could achieve 10-20% of your annual production in only 4-6% of your time. That is exactly what you will see as your team develops these highly effective skills used in the Concentrated Sales Effort.

The Four Keys to Engaging Commercials

Research indicates that an emotionally engaging commercial is responsible for at least 50% of the sales lift in a campaign. Using the latest brain science, you can learn how to write commercials that sell every time. Don’t leave it up to guesswork. Learn how to stimulate the key regions on the brain that lead to advertising success.

Presenting Your Professional Qualifications

Developing meaningful relationships are more difficult in today’s fast paced, digital workplace. How can you establish an engaging relationship with a prospect when you have little to know time for small talk? In this workshop, each participant will create their own personal one-sheet they can use to help establish new relationships, reinforce existing relationships and help repair relationships that have gone cold.

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